5th December 2023

We have a number doctors, nurses and administration staff currently away from work with COVID.

This means there may be longer than usual wait times for phones to be answered and message replies.

We may also be in touch to advise your doctor needs to conduct a virtual consultation as is not able to be in the practice to see you.

Delays and changes of this nature may continue for the next 7 to 14 days.

We appreciate your patience during this time.

Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience


Practice Update – August 2023 
Update on Phone System at Devon Medical
We will be upgrading our phone system on Tuesday 8th August.
Our phone number will remain the same – 06 7591888.
Please listen carefully to the messages as the options have changed.
We have incorporated more opportunities for you to leave a message instead of waiting for a receptionist to answer.
If you leave a message your call will be returned in the order received.
Our team appreciates your patience during this time of change.
FLU – Increased Demand
We are experiencing an increase in demand due to high rates of winter illnesses such as coughs, colds and influenza as well as ongoing cases of Covid.
Viral illnesses such as these are not helped by antibiotics and usually will resolve themselves with time and simple symptomatic treatment such as panadol or ibuprofen. Please refer to below for advice when additional examination or treatment may be required.
For health advice for you or your whanau please consider:
Devon Medical Centre is working hard to prioritise those patients who may actually benefit from an urgent appointment but we only have a limited number of appointments per day.  It can be harder to get through as our phones can get very busy.  Please be patient.
If you do require an urgent appointment, please contact us.  Our triage team will ring you to assess your health need. Please remember to book ahead for routine appointments, repeat prescriptions or WINZ/ACC paperwork.

Message from Dr Christina Jenkins

After almost four years at Devon Medical Centre, I have made the decision to begin a new adventure.
My last day at Devon Medical will be 11th August 2023.
It has been a pleasure to be part of you and your family’s lives and health journeys.

Your care will be transferred to one of the following Devon Medical GP’s:

–  Dr Bridget Myers
–  Dr Neelam Dalman
–  Dr Claire Hill
–  Dr Christina Ng
–  Dr Phil Weeks

Wishing you all the best for the future.
Kind regards
Dr Christie Jenkins

Take care
DMC Team

Practice Update – June 2023 
Introducing Tess James
Pharmacist Prescriber
PGPharm, PGDipClinPharm

PG Pharmacist Prescribing

Tess has a wealth of knowledge and works collaboratively with our clinical team to support our patients.

Tess is able to see adult patients for all routine medication reviews, repeat prescriptions, help to optimise your current medications, and any medication related concerns that patients may have with their medicines.

Her specialist area for prescribing is Type 2 Diabetes and primary prevention of cardiovascular disease,

Tess works four days a week by appointment.

If you have ever had any questions about how your medicines work then she is the person to see.


Introducing Cristina our Health Improvement Practitioner (HIP)

HIPs (Health Improvement Practitioners) are registered health professionals who work alongside GP’s and nurses, helping out when any problems with living and stress are having an impact on our hauora (health and well-being).
The HIP can practically help with:
• Relationship issues
• Stress & anxiety
• Management of long-term conditions
• Low mood
• Chronic pain challenges
• Sleep issues/Fatigue & tiredness
• Lifestyle changes/feeling stuck
• Child/youth behavioral issues
• Reducing/quitting smoking
• Any other life or health problem

Anyone of any age can see the HIP & sessions are FREE
Interested? Book an appointment or ask your Dr or nurse about it today.